About the BGOG

Our Goals

BGOG is a non-profit organization with the aim to organize research in Belgium and Luxembourg in gynaecological cancer. The aim is to perform academic clinicial research and research in cooperation with the industry. Translational research should be considered in all trials. BGOG has non-profit status under LeuvenRD.


The BGOG is a member of the European Network of Gynaecological Oncological Trial Groups.

ENGOT is a pan-European Network of Gynaecological Oncological Trial Groups supported by and part of the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO).
As a network of national and regional clinical trial units, ENGOT coordinates and promotes clinical trials within Europe on patients with gynaecological cancer. This coordination is particularly relevant for academic clinical trials, translational research, research on rare diseases, and for clinical trials sponsored by the industry to perform multinational studies in Europe.



ENGOT publications

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ENGOT roadmap 2013

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BGOG Logo’s

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BGOG Steering committee:

  • I. Vergote – Chairman, UZ Leuven
  • P. Berteloot, St. Maarten Duffel
  • M. Huizing, UZ Antwerpen
  • F. Kridelka, CHU Liège Sart Tilman
  • P. Vuylsteke, Clinique et maternité st. Elisabeth
  • J. Kerger, Institut Jules Bordet
  • D. Verhoeven, AZ Klina
  • F. Goffin, CHR Citadelle
  • H. Denys, UZ Gent